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The Effects of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids on Physiological Responses to Emotion in Speech
(submitted), 2017.
Brain Entrain: Acoustic Features of Music that Drive You to Synch
Proceedings of Acoustics Week in Canada, 2017.
Effects of short-term choir participation on auditory perception in older adults.
Proceedings of Acoustics Week in Canada, 2017.
Benefits of Music Training for Perception of Emotional Speech Prosody in Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants
Ear & Hearing, 2017.
Musicians Show Enhanced Neural Synchronization at Multiple Timescales
Proceedings of Acoustics Week in Canada, 2014.
The effect of vibrotactile stimulation on the emotional response to horror films
Computers in Entertainment, 2014.
Validation of the CSA Z107.56 standard method for the measurement of noise exposure from headsets
Canadian Acoustics, 2013.
Modelling perceptual elements of music in a vibrotactile display for deaf users: A field study
ACHI’09, 2009.