Gabe Nespoli, PhD

Data Scientist

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Skills: signal processing, research design, data collection, wrangling, and modelling, machine learning

Tools: MATLAB, Python, R, Shell, Linux, git, vim, EEG (BioSemi, EEGLAB), Psychophysiology (Biopac)

Work Experience

Data Scientist

2018-Present | SMART Lab, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

  • Creates tools for analysis and visualization of biological time-series data, empowering colleagues to understand their data
  • PHZLAB (github)
    • Provides tools for importing, segmenting, processing, and visualization of multiple trials of time-series data
    • Automates the extraction of features, allowing for quick visualization of different processing pipelines
  • Neural Entrainment Toolbox (github)
    • Wrangles EEG data to assess the entrainment of neurons in different parts of the brain
    • Automates the entire process, making it simple to investigate different combinations of entrainment frequencies, brain regions, and other parameters

Graduate Student

2012-2018 | SMART Lab, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

  • Designed and programmed experiments measuring neural entrainment to successfully assess the brain’s response to musical input
  • Used signal processing algorithms (e.g., filtering, FFT, independent component analysis (ICA)) to extract meaningful values from multi-channel biological data
  • A/B testing to compare different analysis pipelines to reveal the optimal parameters for accurate analysis
  • Gained a reputation in the department for EEG expertise, and was often consulted on the design and analysis of experiments
  • Communicated technical ideas to non-technical audiences with ease
  • Hosted biannual workshops on data analysis, signal processing and programming in MATLAB for 5-10 attendees, engaging others to discover the power of programming
  • Developed scripts for automating the extraction of spectral features from EEG data, using both Fourier and wavelet methods

Research Operations Coordinator

2010-2012 | Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

  • Collaborated with researchers on experimental design and analysis
  • Offered training and support on various hardware and software research tools
  • Managed department resources and liased with manufacturers, ensuring smooth operation of the department
  • Managed the purchasing of research tools, including EEG, VR, and eye tracking
  • Selected as the teaching assistant for a graduate-level course on computational methods, empowering students with programming and analysis skills

Lab Manager

2007-2010 | SMART Lab, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

  • Ran participants in neural, physiological, and behavioural experiments, ensuring proper collection of data for the lab’s experiments
  • Heavily involved in the purchasing of equipment, setup, maintenance, and running of the lab’s recording studio
  • Recorded and edited audio/video stimuli (Pro Tools, Premiere Pro)
  • Developed software analysis tools and instructed others on their use, effectively automating lab members’ analyses
  • Gained a reputation as the go-to person for tech and analysis


PhD in Psychology

2014-2018 | Ryerson University

Dissertation: The neuroscience of groove: Neural mechanisms marrying music and movement

Machine Learning Certificate

2017 | Stanford University via coursera.org

MA in Psychology

2012-2014 | Ryerson University

Thesis: Musicianship and neural synchronization at multiple timescales

BSc in Psychology

2003-2007 | McGill University

Thesis: Beauty in the body of the beholder: The physiological correlates of musical emotion


  • Sports: golf, hockey (goalie), and cycling
  • Music: jazz organ, folk and bluegrass guitar
  • Food: gardening, cooking, and eating