Gabe Nespoli, Ph.D.

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


  • Resourceful innovator and creative thinker who developed a novel analysis method for assessing localized neural dynamics
  • Experienced programmer with a keen interest in machine learning
  • Superb communication skills and ability to clearly explain complex ideas

Work Experience

Knowledge Translator & Mentor

as a Data Scientist at Ryerson University | 2018-Present

  • Creates software tools for analysis and visualization of biological time-series data, automating many analyses and saving hours of researcher time
  • Creates tutorials and mentors graduate students, inspiring them to learn programming and empowering them to understand and manipulate their data
  • Projects: PHZLAB (github link), Neural Entrainment Toolbox (github link)

Innovator of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

as a Graduate Student at Ryerson University | 2012-2018

  • Pioneered novel analyses measuring localized neural entrainment from EEG data, leading to new insights about how different parts of the brain track the beat in music
  • Used advanced signal processing algorithms to extract meaningful values from noisy multi-channel biological data
  • Facilitated biannual workshops on programming and data analysis in MATLAB

Technical Expert & Liaison

as a Research Operations Administrator at Ryerson University | 2010-2012

  • Quickly mastered new technologies and tools in order to provide training and support to researchers and other collaborators
  • Liaised with dozens of manufacturers to facilitate the purchase of over $1 million of research infrastructure

Team Member & Audio Engineer

as a Lab Manager at the SMART Lab, Ryerson University | 2007-2010

  • Part of a team who developed the Emoti-Chair—a sensory-substitution technology that presents music as vibration—enabling more access to auditory music for deaf people, among other applications
  • Responsible for the operation of the lab’s recording studio, creating audio-visual research materials to support countless studies, resulting in 7 publications


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Ryerson University | 2018
The neuroscience of groove: Neural mechanisms marrying music and movement

Machine Learning Certificate
Stanford University via | 2017

Master of Arts (M.A.)
Ryerson University | 2014
Musicianship and neural synchronization at multiple timescales

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
McGill University | 2007
Beauty in the body of the beholder: The physiological correlates of musical emotion


  • Music: jazz organ, folk and bluegrass guitar
  • Sports: hockey (goalie), golf, and cycling
  • Food: gardening, cooking, and eating