Coding Projects

This is a list of some of my coding projects, ordered roughly by size (in lines of code), time (since the start of the project), and effort (in grief caused).


Probably my biggest coding achievement, PHZLAB is a MATLAB Toolbox for analyzing physiological data, both peripheral and neural. It is in active use in my department and does a great job organizing your labelled signals and plotting them in different combinations.

Neural Entrainment Toolbox (MATLAB, R)

This toolbox contains a) a complete pipeline for preprocessing EEG data using EEGLAB (MATLAB), b) custom signal processing scripts for extracting spectral features from the EEG and exporting a tabular csv file (MATLAB), and c) data wrangling, plotting, and statistics (R).

Physiological Analysis with PHZLAB (MATLAB, R)

Mostly wrapper scripts in PHZLAB for measuring skin conductance responses. This is a great example of how PHZLAB can be used. Statistical analyses are done in R.

Resampling (R)

A tool for assessing how much data is needed for an average to become stable.

Extracting MIR Features (MATLAB)

A wrapper on MIR Toolbox to extract many audio features from many audio files and save the tabular data. Can append to an existing file to facilitate starting and stopping, since it will usually take a long time.

Generating Auditory Tones and Tone Sequences (MATLAB)

Generate tones and tone sequences by specifying the desired frequencies, harmonics, length, onset/offset ramps, etc. Very flexible and scalable.

cd and ls with space instead of / (Python)

Small shell utility to use cd and ls without slashes. For example, cdd my folder is equivalent to cd my/folder.

Vim Plugin: Anti Project-Drawer for NERDTree (Vim script)

A wrapper on NERDTree and Buffergator to make them replace the current window instead of opening as a sidebar.

Vim Plugin: Center Code on a Big Monitor (Vim script)

Center the current file in the window by opening empty sidebars. Useful when editing a single document in full-screen on a large monitor.

iTerm Colour Palettes

A set of colour palettes (not colour schemes) for iTerm2. By palette I mean a set of 16 ansi colours, not which colours should apply to which syntax. These are all “solarized”, meaning that 8 greys and 8 colours are specified.


My config files. I’ve spent more time on these than I care to admit. However, my terminal experience is awesome, which I do care to admit.